about the workshop


This two-day workshop was a gathering place to learn about best practices in the field of citizen science as well as identify priority actions to advance the practice in Alberta.

The workshop objectives were to:

Workshop participants:

The workshop was for those wanting to further their knowledge of what citizen science is; how to develop, implement and evaluate citizen science initiatives; and how to enhance linkages between citizen collected data and decision making.

our speakers


Scroll through the photos below to listen to each speaker respond to a question about a key point in their presentation.

  1. Fred Wrona
  2. Gwendolyn Blue
  3. Danah Duke
  4. Tracy Lee
  5. Lea Shanley
  6. Kat Hartwig
  7. Elizabeth Hendriks
  8. Julie Vastine
  9. KayeDon Wilcox
  10. Bill Abercrombie
    & Robert Anderson
  11. Bradley Peter
  12. Elliot Fox
  13. Gary Redmond
  14. Jade Cawthray-Syms
  15. Jennifer Shirk
  16. John Paczkowski
  17. Tanya Rushcall