As part of the various projects the Miistakis Institute has pursued under our six research thematic areas, we often create stand-alone websites that are project specific. Below are brief descriptions of those web sites, and links to them.

Municipal EcoToolkit

The Municipal EcoToolkit is a collection of approximately 50 tools for Alberta municipalities seeking to maintain their natural infrastructure systems. Tools are gathered under the headings of Protection, Planning, Practices, Perceptions, and Persuasion.


Community Conserve

Community Conserve is a both a free resource for environment and conservation information for municipalities, as well as a forum for municipal voices on these topics. It was created in collaboration with the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton, and with the support of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Rural Municipalities Alberta.



Adapt-action is a guide for municipalities to understand climate change issues, linking the environmental changes they see, to the implications for their communities, through to the strategies they can employ to adapt and become more climate resilient.


Conservation Easements in Alberta

Conservation Easements in Alberta a resource kit for landowners, land trusts, and/or municipalities who want to better understand the conservation easement tool. It uses a Q&A format to provide basic and advanced information, and includes includes templates and guides.


Working With Nature

The Working With Nature toolkit is a free, online resource created to help municipalities catalogue their natural infrastructure, and then develop a prioritized plan for better using it to mitigate flood and drought risk. It provides the materials and directions for a municipality to self-navigate through workshops, worksheets, and ultimately a living Workbook.


Municipal Wetlands Data Workshop

The Municipal Wetlands Data Workshop website was originally created to store materials associated with a workshop convened for municipal personnel in the Bow River Basin to collectively better understand what the wetlands data challenges are, and to collaboratively plot a course forward to address these needs. It now houses surveys, reports, presentations and strategy information associated with this issue.


Practical Guide to Transfer of Development Credits in Alberta

Transfer of Development Credits (TDCs) is a market-based tool that helps reconcile increased development with conservation of sensitive lands. This online guide is for municipalities wanting to know what the TDC tool is, and how to integrate it into their existing planning structures.