Calgary Captured is a multi-year wildlife monitoring and citizen science based program that utilizes trail cameras located throughout our urban parks.

How to get Involved

Launched in 2017, Calgary Captured utilizes 69 motion-triggered camera-traps to learn more about biodiversity in YYC and how wildlife respond to the built environment. Human images are automatically deleted to protect privacy, and the tens of thousands of remaining images need the species classified.

This is where we need your help! By visiting the Calgary Captured page on Zooniverse, you become a part of the wildlife monitoring team by viewing and classifying camera-trap images to species. Don't worry if you aren't a Canadian wildlife expert - there are images and identification tips to help you. As well, we have multiple citizen scientists classify a single image (majority rules) to ensure the species classification is correct. The data you are helping collect will be used to inform development and management decisions that can support biodiversity and enable co-existence with wildlife as the city continues to grow. Click the link below to visit Zooniverse and see what our "wild" Calgarians are up to!

Animal Transit System

Just like us, animals need to move around Calgary in search of food, shelter, and that special someone. Instead of using Sarcee Trail or the CTrain, animals use small natural corridors to move from habitat to habitat.

However, many of the features humans build in Calgary represent obstacles to animal movement. High volume traffic, for example, can prevent an animal from crossing a road or increase the risk of an animal-vehicle collision. If we want to support a thriving urban biodiversity, we need to ensure that the animal transit system is connected! Animal-friendly development can take many forms: incorporating wildlife tunnels under a road or bridges over a road, connecting natural spaces through or around developed spaces, and saving rivers and wetlands from development are strategies to maintaining wildlife and ecological health even in a big city.

For more information on Calgary Captured contact Nicole Kahal at or Lynette Hiebert at

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