The Miistakis Institute has accumulated a large amount of data over the years and while much of it is not shareable (due to data sharing restrictions), sometimes knowning it exists is half the battle. We have compiled this information into a searchable metadata catalog that is available upon request.

The following data are either Miistakis Institute created datasets, or datasets we have been asked to share. This data is free for use, but not distributed without prior permission.

Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Boundary - 2008 (233 kb)
Exurban Expansion Model Dataset (17 mb) Maps Only (14 mb) Report

Map Gallery

The following are samples of some of the great custom maps, the Miistakis Institute has created. On the right side bar, maps are provided in higher resolution for printing. Changes can be made to the maps upon request.

Alberta High Collison Zones along Highway 3

Castle Special Place

Change along Highway 3 Corridor

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Crown of the Continent

Satellite Classification of the Flathead Valley

The Ghost Watershed

Landuse Intensity in Southeastern Alberta

Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Moist and Wet Areas in the Bow Valley Study Area

Land of Wildlife. Stewardship Project

Wheatland County

Crown of the Continent Ecosystem with Protected Areas

Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
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