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ALSA's Tools & Your Municipality

What It Is

A workshop for municipalities to understand how the Alberta Land Stewardship Act's (ALSA) conservation and stewardship tools could be used in their community.

How It Helps Municipalities

With the proclamation of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act in October 2009, municipalities became subject to the direction of regional plans in Alberta. Although the regional plans are under development, and much is still left to speculation, several things have become clear. Municipalities will be required to align any existing and new regulatory instruments or initiatives with the regional plan. In other words, implementation of the regional plans will be in large measure left to the municipalities.

The selection of "Conservation and Stewardship Tools" in the legislation are intended to help local governments (and others) with that implementation. The four tools include:

  • Conservation Easements;
  • Conservation Directives;
  • Conservation Off-sets; and
  • Transfer of Development Credits Schemes.

Procedurally, one of the weak links in this approach is the limited understanding that municipalities have of these tools, how they function, and how they might be applied in a local context. Water Matters and the Miistakis Institute partnered to develop and deliver a 2-day workshop for municipalities which would address this gap.


These tools were designed by the Miistakis Institute to address conservation issues faced by municipalities in Alberta.

To learn about the tools and navigate the website, click on the tool list below.


  1. ALSA's Tools & Your Municipality
  2. Mapping What Matters
  3. Mapping Consensus
  4. Taking Stock: evaluating landscapes for conservation
  5. Making Room for Development and Conservation

We wish to acknowledge the generous support of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

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