Wildlife and Cattle: Cost of co-existence


The Results Are In!

The Miistakis Institute and the Alberta Beef Producers launched an online survey to gather producer feedback about the economic costs that wildlife have on beef producers across the province. The results of the survey will be used in conjunction with results from similar studies in other jurisdictions and with Alberta’s wildlife compensation program data to help us better understand the economic impacts of wildlife to beef producers.

Understanding the economic impacts of wildlife to the agricultural community is important because it will help us keep wildlife populations healthy by:

• providing information on how wildlife affect the financial health and stability of beef producers,
• informing policy and programs to reduce conflicts or address the economic burden to beef producers, and
• identifying higher risk communities in Alberta where prevention, management and compensation programs need to be modified or directed.

The first section of the survey was designed to help set the context within which beef producers and wildlife interact. The survey shows that the majority of beef producers appreciate and want to see healthy populations of wildlife. It also shows that they generally feel they bear an uneven amount of the economic burden associated with ensuring Alberta has healthy wildlife populations. Many producers are willing to accept some level of economic loss due to wildlife but there is little agreement on what level is acceptable. Producers reported that the impact of greatest concern with respect to wildlife was direct economic loss (81%), followed by livestock safety (66%) and increased time required to manage wildlife on their land (61%).

The report is available for download here

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