Conservation Easements in Alberta: An Online Resource


The Environmental Law Centre and the Miistakis Institute created the Conservation Easements in Alberta web site, a guide for landowners, municipalities, decision-makers and land trusts about how the conservation easement tool can be used in Alberta.

Since being legislatively enabled in 1996, conservation easements have been used by numerous land trusts, municipalities, provincial agencies, and conservation-minded landowners to conserve environmentally-valued private landscapes. However, during that time, both the tool and the thinking around how to use it has evolved. The purposes were broadened in 2009 to include agriculture; best practices have advanced; and conservation easements are increasingly looked to as a backstop for broader conservation programs, land use policy, and planning initiatives.

Miistakis and our partner, the Environmental Law Centre, determined that conservation easement practitioners needed an up-to-date hub for relevant information. To this end, the two organizations created a web-based Conservation Easement guide. The site, to be launched this fall, answers basic and advanced questions about how conservation easements work, and includes practical resources like checklists, templates and links to relevant resources such as land trust profiles.

This project was made possible with grants from the Alberta Land Use Secretariat and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.
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