M.D. of Bighorn TDC Program and Bylaw Review


In 2007 the M.D. of Bighorn implemented a transfer of development credits-type program called Transfer of Subdivision Density (TSD). A development request had come forward in its Agriculture Small Holdings land use zone that would increase the number of subdivisions over the four 40-acre parcels per quarter section that were allowed. The TSD program allowed the development area to increase the number of subdivisions by transferring them from other quarters that had not been subdivided and having those quarters protected by conservation easements.

In October of 2009 the Alberta Government enacted the Alberta Land Stewardship Act which enabled municipalities to implement Transfer of Development Credits (TDC) programs. The M.D. of Bighorn requested the Miistakis Institute, with support from the Land Use Secretariat, do a review of the TSD program with respect to the new legislation and to make recommendations for program improvement. An online survey directed at M.D. of Bighorn citizens was also developed to gain an understanding of the knowledge level of TDC programs and the interest level expanding the program outside of the Agriculture Small Holdings zone.
The analysis and recommendations that resulted from this review have been used in the latest version of the M.D. of Bighorn Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and have served as the basis for the M.D.’s newly drafted TDC Bylaw.

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