Climate Change Adaptation Tool for Local Communities

Climate change in southern Alberta will cause alterations in vegetation communities, increased evapotranspiration, more extreme weather, and other environmental shifts. This will result in, among other things, more droughts, wildlife range migrations, wetland alterations, and extreme storm events and affect local communities and their economies through changes to ranching and farming, recreation, municipal water, industrial activity, flood control, and other ecosystem-dependent services.

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) initiated the Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation project to define the scope of change required to effectively manage biodiversity under a changing climatic regime, and to support Alberta’s biodiversity management system with essential knowledge and tools for successful adaptation to a changing future climate. As well as ABMI and Miistakis, this partnership project includes the University of Alberta and Alberta Innovates Technology Futures. It is funded by the Climate Change Emission Management Corporation.

Miistakis is leading the Local adaptations for biodiversity-related ecosystem services sub-project, and is tasked with seeking ways to support Alberta communities in better understanding climate-related risks and adaptations in the context of ecosystem services and biodiversity. The first report of this three-year project, a Review of Possible Tools for Local Adaptation to Climate Change in Alberta, has been completed, and is available under Project Details.

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