Rock Creek Conservation Initiative


The Rock Creek Conservation Initiative is a collaborative effort to preserve important wildlife habitat and corridors along the east slopes of the Rockies west of Pincher Creek that are at risk of fragmentation. The Initiative also covers an area of great importance for the Old Man watershed.

The Initiative area stretches roughly from the Old Man River on the north to the Castle River on the south, and is bound by Highway 22 on the east. It has been deemed a priority by many organizations because it is in an area of the Rocky Mountain foothills that is particularly susceptible to fragmentation due to the narrow strip of habitat between farmland and mountains. It has also been deemed one of the areas with the greatest potential for maintaining wildlife connectivity across the busy Highway 3 transportation corridor.

It is a unique and exciting project as it has become an excellent example of collaborative and integrated conservation planning with NGOs, land trusts, and government agencies all participating to try and implement conservation solutions. It also overlaps and supports other projects that Miistakis is involved with like the Highway 3 Transportation Corridor Project. This project is looking to link important blocks of habitat north and south of Highway 3 through the implementation of mitigation measures at key wildlife/vehicle collision zones like Rock Creek.

Miistakis has played an important role as the coordinator between all the parties involved in the Initiative. It has also, however, spearheaded the conservation planning and mapping work that has supported the case for significant and key conservation investments being made by land trusts and government agencies.

Miistakis intends to continue working on this Initiative as long as there are opportunities to protect this valuable landscape.

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