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The extraordinary rates of population growth in Alberta are accompanied by strain on municipal infrastructure, conversion of agricultural land and natural areas, uncertain water supply and quality, wetland loss, loss of open spaces and wildlife habitat, and increasing negative interactions between humans and wildlife.

Rural and urban municipalities alike need the capacity ot cope with these challenges, but currently, there is little in the way of a comprehensive effort to build a broad understanding of the land use challenges that impact quality of life in Alberta. Miistakis worked with Forem Consulting, assisting them in creating an accessible wersite where decision makers and citizens can have easy access to community-specific information about growth, infrastructure and community development, its impact on quality of life, and perspectives on how to improve the social, economoic and environmental sustainabilty of our communities.
The Alberta Historical Land Use and Landscape Library is a non-profit online educational data website where stakeholders can locate, view, graph, and view references for a broad suite of data metrics pertaining to landuses and landscapes in the Province of Alberta. The primary goal is to allow users to observe and discuss provincial trends in land uses and landscapes.

The completed website can be viewed at

This project was funded by: Alberta Real Estate Foundation, Forem Consulting Ltd and ALCES Group

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