There are a number of resources available about conservation easements on the internet. Here are four that are particularly useful to landowners, we did not include any from individual land trusts because their websites are included in the profile section of this website. The first three listed are documents designed by the Miistakis Institute to help provide landowners with a better basic knowledge of conservation easements. The fourth document is the CLTA Standards and Practices document. While it is directed at land trusts, it is a great resource for landowners and land trusts alike. It can provide landowners with more information to help them choose the right land trust to meet their needs. It is also a great resource for landowners who live in an area without a land trust that suits them to understand what it would take to start their own land trust.

Conservation Easement Glossary

Conservation Easements In 30 Questions

Land Trust Conservation Easements vs. Municipal Conservation Easement

Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices

The following is a list of other relevant documents, websites and publications that may also be of interest.

CE Registration Regulation

Ecological Gifts Handbook 2005

Split Receipting - Income Tax Technical News No. 26

Split Receipting - Ecogift confirmation


Alberta Land Use Framework Conservation and Stewardship Provides Alberta resources regarding conservation in the Regional Planning Process.

American Farmland Trust: National agricultural land protection group, with a huge library of resources of conservation easement programs (many applicable on any lands).

Appraisal Institute of Canada: Can direct you to appraisers qualified to appraise conservation easements (as can most eligible easement holders).

BC Lands Trust Alliance: An umbrella organization for land trusts in British Columbia.

Ecological Gifts Program: a web resources about the federal eco-gift program.

Environmental Law Centre: Alberta's legal resource to the non-profit sector, and leaders in conservation easement law in Alberta.

Land Trust Alliance: The umbrella organization for land trusts in the United States, and a terrific source of information applicable in Canada as well.

Ontario Land Trust Alliance: An umbrella organization for land trusts in Ontario.

Stewardship Canada: An internet portal for stewardship information in Canada.

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation: British Columbia uses conservation covenants instead of conservation easements. A search of conservation covenant provides informative publications.


Conservation Easement Guide for Alberta. By Arlene Kwasniak. Produced by the Environmental Law Centre (Alberta). Edmonton, AB: 1996.

Conservation Easements: A Landowner's Guide. Produced by the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society. High River, AB: 2000.

Conservancy: The Land Trust Movement in America. By Richard Brewer. Dartmouth College, University Press of New England. 2003.

For the Love of Alberta: Ways to Save Your Natural Heritage: Private Conservancy Guide for Alberta. By Lesley Patricia Curthoys. Published by Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Edmonton, AB: 1998.

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