Conservation easements can be a powerful tool for Albertans looking to fulfill long-term conservation goals on their property. To make the best use of this tool, landowners need access to basic information: What are conservation easements, and what are the benefits? Who are the eligible conservation easement holders in Alberta, where do they operate, and what are their priorities? How and can this tool be used creatively?

The Miistakis Institute created this web site to help landowners in Alberta begin to start answering these questions for themselves.

  • "The basics" is just that - introductory information to conservation easements. Dig as deeply as makes sense: explore what conservation easements and land trusts are, or go further into the policy, legal, tax and stewardship considerations.
  • "Profiles" has a page for each conservation easement program in Alberta. You will not find exhaustive portrayals here; this is a coarse-filter start for your research on how to protect your land for the future.
  • "Using the Tool" provides examples that take you a step further in understanding how conservation easements are (or could be) used in more complex conservation initiatives.
  • "Resources" contains some stand-alone information and tools, as well as links to documents, web sites and organizations that can help you better understand how conservation easements can work for you.

Remember - this web site is not intended to be a source of definitive legal or financial advice. You need to consult your own lawyer, accountant, and/or financial planner before undertaking any action related to a conservation easement.

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