ESRD investing in wildlife corridors in the Crowsnest Pass.

An article in the Crowsnest Pass Herald highlights recent land purchases by ESRD along Highway 3, at Rock Creek, to protect wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Besides representing important wildlife habitat the land purchase is also relevant to efforts by Miistakis and partners to improve wildlife and human safety along Highway 3 by working with Alberta Transportation to build an underpass and fencing to ensure safe passage for wildlife.

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Save the date: Public Participation in Scientific Research Conference


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Speak your mind about Highway Wilding!


Highway Wilding is a documentary for teachers, non-profits, transportation planners, and people like you who are interested in getting wildlife across highways safely. If you haven’t seen the film yet, view it here.

Now we want to hear from you. Let’s catalyze the conversation about how we can all work together to protect the lives of wildlife and people in Canada, the USA and beyond by designing and building highways with both wildlife and people in mind. We are asking you to use your smart phone or camera to record a short video clip (1-2 minutes long).

We want to hear: a) your name and affiliation b) why Highway Wilding was useful to you and c) if you have plans or ideas for addressing wildlife-vehicle collisions. Here is a short video created by Tracy at Miistakis to give you an idea of what we hope you will share.

When you have completed your video, upload it to YouTube. Once uploaded, cut and  paste your YouTube video link to the comments section for the Highway Wilding film on YouTube. By doing so, you will be sharing your video with the Highway Wilding community. Alternately, please email your video file to Rachelle.

We wish to give a big shout-out to the Patagonia Environmental Grants program for supporting this project. And, thanks to you for taking the time to share a video. Cheers!

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Beef Survey Deadline Extended

The Alberta Beef Producers, working with the Miistakis Institute are conducting a survey about the costs of wildlife to beef operations in Alberta. The survey will be active from February 5 to March 31, 2014. It can be accessed at

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Collision Count in the Crowsnest Free Press

Rob Schaufele, local coordinator of Collision Count recently met with the the Crowsnest Free Press to chat about this new citizen science program.  Thanks to both Woodcock and Wilberforce for their continued support.  Creating a safer highway for people and wildlife -Crowsnest Pass Free Press

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The Citizen Science Association: now offering inaugural membership

A new Citizen Science Association is offering free, inaugural membership for practitioners in the broad and growing field of public participation in scientific research.

The Citizen Science Association (CSA) aims to advance a global and cross-disciplinary field of practice. As a new organization, the CSA is inviting inaugural members to help shape key decisions about direction, priorities, and leadership.

Saturday, 15 March 2014, is the last day for new members to vote on proposed vision and mission statements. The free membership offer will extend past this date, but join now to help inform a critical aspect of the Association’s future.

For more information about the Citizen Science Association, including details on how to join, visit

Please help spread the word, and thank you!

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Sustainability meets Sound of Music – Alan AtKisson speaks on Mar 6

AtKisson Evite FINAL

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Are you a beef producer? We need your help!

The Alberta Beef Producers, working with the Miistakis Institute are conducting a survey about the costs of wildlife to beef operations in Alberta. The survey will be active from February 5 to March 5, 2014. It can be accessed at

Alberta is the largest beef-producing province in Canada. There are 20,000 farms supporting over 5.5 million cattle sharing the landscape with native wildlife species. Wildlife is an important component of our natural landscapes,providing recreation and hunting opportunities and are indicators of a healthy landscapes. Co-existing with wildlife often results in economic impacts to beef producers: animal or feed loss, property damage or loss,and the costs of damage prevention and producer management activities dealing with wildlife. We want to understand how big an issue wildlife impacts are to beef producers across Alberta.

The purpose of this survey is to help better understand the economic impacts of wildlife  provincially and on a regional scale. This study will help fill knowledge gaps about costs producers assume and inform the understanding of this issue from beef producers’ perspectives. If you would like to learn more please contact


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Start your creative engines: name our new citizen science app!

We are creating a new app for a citizen science program with an aim to collect information about how many animals are currently being hit by vehicles at key sites along Highway 3. These sites are under consideration for infrastructure (such as wildlife underpasses and fencing) to make the highway safer for both wildlife and people. If this infrastructure is built the app will continue to be used to study the success of these efforts to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Citizens will walk transects parallel to, but off of, the highway and record observed road kill using a smart phone app. Some ideas we have so far include:

  • Collision Count
  • Ditch Data
  • WildlifeWalk and
  • Roadkill Report.

Post your ideas to the Roadwatch in the Pass Facebook page or tweet them to @Miistakis using the hashtag #roadkillapp.

All entrants will have their name entered in a draw for a Highway Wilding DVD.  Deadline for entries is Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Thanks to both Woodcock Foundation and Wilburforce Foundation for their support of this project.

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Developing a new citizen science project in the Pass

IMG_0883_Low ResTracy (Miistakis), Rob (Road Watch in the Pass) and Tony (Highway Wilding) were down in the Crowsnest Pass last week working through methods for a new citizen science project aimed at monitoring road kill data at key mitigation sites identified by the Highway 3: Transportation Mitigation for Wildlife and Connectivity report. Citizens will walk transects parallel but off the highway and record observed road kill using a smart phone app. This information will help researchers evaluate the effectiveness of infrastructure (such as underpasses and fencing) to improve human and wildlife safety while maintaining wildlife connectivity.

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