Leave It To Beavers: wonderful blog by Calgary Science School parent

With the recent snowfall in Calgary, I am happy to report that we have completed our four fall citizen science days with the grade seven and eight students from the Calgary Science School.  Staff from Cows and Fish, the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area and the Miistakis Institute were on hand to work with students to carry out research and monitoring on the ecological effects of beaver reintroduction. We were very fortunate to have great weather for the majority of our time in the field although I am sure that there will be a number of students who will be certain to bring along a few extra layers of clothing for their next visit to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area.

I am pleased to share with you a blog posting written by one of the wonderful Calgary Science School parent volunteers who joined us for the day.  Please check out her blog posting complete with beautiful images at “Out and About with the GeoKs.”

In other news, I am pleased to let you know that a beaver family has been successfully reintroduced to Goodwin Pond at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area.

Adult female beaver takes her first dip in Goodwin Pond

I was fortunate to be on hand for the release of the adult male and female and one of their offspring.   I was also fortunate to share the event with some of my family members who were equally excited to witness these critters exploring their new home.  The second juvenile beaver was released at Goodwin Pond a number of days later after volunteers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) were able to successfully trap it as well.

AIWC staff/volunteers prepare to release the beavers

Watching the beavers explore their new home

And, the evening ended with a beautiful sky

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