Critters in the Rock Creek Corridor

The Rock Creek Corridor is a block of unique and important wildlife habitat along the east slopes of the Rockies just outside the Crowsnest Pass. It is home to a multitude of species including moose, elk, deer, cougars, grizzly and black bears along with numerous smaller mammals and birds. It is bisected by Highway 3 and has the unenviable reputation of having the highest wildlife mortality of any portion of Highway 3 between Highway 22 and the BC border. There is increasing interest on the part of local landowners, government, and non-government organizations in preserving this landscape and significant conservation successes have occurred within the corridor in recent years.

The wildlife pictures you see were taken within the Corridor south of Highway 3 near the Crowsnest River. They were taken over a three week period late in the fall and show the number of different species active in the area.  Please click on the images for a full-size view.

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