Welcome to the Leave It To Beavers website. Our website focuses on a collaborative multi-year citizen science project that is examining the reintroduction of beavers as a watershed stewardship tool.

In 2012, the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) reintroduced two families of beaver within the borders of their 4,800 acre conservation area through the help of the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. Through the reintroduction of these animals the ASCCA not only returned native wildlife species to their landscape, they also acted as leaders in watershed stewardship. The reintroduction of beavers is becoming increasingly accepted as a strategy to improve water storage and water quality which is especially critical in water scarce regions like southwestern Alberta.

The ASCCA, Cows and Fish, the Calgary Science School and the Miistakis Institute have come together to create a citizen science program that engages students in collecting data before and after beaver reintroduction to demonstrate the role of beavers in watershed stewardship. We have paired the citizen science program with a formal monitoring program involving riparian health inventories and water quality monitoring. It is our goal to use the results of our collaborative research project to create a local example of a watershed stewardship strategy that can be used by landowners, land managers, and policy makers in Alberta and beyond. Additionally, we are also working to engage landowners and managers, municipal politicians and staff, and other watershed stewards in considering the role of beavers as watershed stewards.

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